Somehow, I missed that my code signing certificate was about to expire. And Symantec needs me to do the whole notarized identification thing to renew it. This means that I can’t produce a new Linkage program with a bug fix that I wanted to distribute, at least not for a week.

The bug is not really a big problem. It turns out that if a dimension line is short enough, making room for the arrow heads causes the line length to get screwed up and the line draws itself right of the page and maybe to infinity. Just ignore it if you see it.

I also discovered that sometimes drawing elements that are not part of the mechanism should be drawn without dimensions. I got a mechanism file from a user and saw that a bunch of extra junk shows up when drawing layer elements are present and complicated. I don’t know why they needed all of the drawing elements, maybe to use for aligning the mechanism, but the auto-dimensions look crappy in this case.

So the list of ideas gets bigger:

Allow auto-dimensions to be disabled for specific elements.
Allow auto-dimensions to be enabled/disabled by layer.
Allow drawing layer elements to be including in the parts list.