I resolve to do the following:

Work in the garage more. I want to build the ball lifter for a new rolling ball sculpture. I got a new band saw blade that cuts through 1/8” thick steel like butter, even running the blade too fast, and I’m on my way to completing the frame rails. The idea is to have two rails that act as the base for all of the moving parts, and also as the final bit of track that holds the balls in place to get picked up.
Get my Windows Phone and Windows 8 apps “shipped.” I have not posted much about these because of the nature of the contract, but I hope to get them in the hands of customers in the next month or two. Things will change a lot for me once that happens.
Finish some old projects in the house. I need to fix the baseboards in the living room. They’ve been broke and missing in a few spots ever since I finished installing the wood floor. I need to figure out how to carpet the stairs or install wood steps to get that part of the floor project done. It just looks like crap now.
Add cams to the Linkage program. Okay, maybe in a six or eight months, I’ll have time to work on that.
Fix the hole in the driveway. I have a bridge for a driveway and a knot in the wood broke out and left a small hole. Maybe I just need to replace the entire driveway surface next summer.
Ski. I have a ski pass and this should really be at the top of the list. I need the exercise. I need it a lot.
Spend less time playing computer games and watching TV. Maybe I do need that time to let my brain refresh itself, but maybe I can become a workaholic if I try really hard.

I have other projects, like cleaning the garage, but this is a good sample of the things I need to accomplish in 2014. I read somewhere that goals are bad and systems are good. I need to come up with a system of working on projects and getting them done, instead of just having goals to start doing this stuff. Maybe that is a goal in itself (ironically).

I would also like to blog more. It’s sort of fun to write stuff that maybe 20 people see a day. I have no idea who finds my blog, but I would like to at least provide interesting information that is no where else to be found.