Get the latest beta version here:

Here are some of the many things in this latest test version of the Linkage software:

  • There is a new feature for duplicating elements. It is only available using the Control+D key combination. If you move or rotate the duplicates immediately after making them, and then you do another duplication, the move or rotate is remembered and happens to the new duplicates. You can use the dimensions text box or the rotate option in the Align menu to make precise changes that can then be repeated multiple times.
  • Clicking on the dimensions text box in the toolbar will select all of the text. This makes it easier to type in new and different values without having to delete the text that is there. A second click can be used to position the caret for editing the text instead of replacing it.
  • If a sliding connector is moved by entering a distance from another connector, it is moved along its path and not in a straight line away from the other connector. If the sliding connector would leave its path due to the distance being too short or too long the new distance is ignored.
  • Turning on Auto-Dimensions causes the speed of all connectors to be shown and the RPM of gears to be shown along with the dimensions. Speeds are in inches per second or millimeters per second. RPM is revolutions per minute (if you didn’t already know that).
  • Gears can be “unmeshed” using the Split button or T key.
  • An adjustment was made to run the simulation a tiny bit faster to make it more accurate to real-world time.
  • Negative RPM and CPM values are no longer needed. There are selections for “clockwise” and “counter-clockwise” for rotating inputs and selections for “push” and “pull” for actuators.
  • Simulation errors are usually shown as a single error with other subsequent errors being hidden. This reduces clutter when a single error causes a lot of other elements to not be simulated.