The latest version of Linkage 2 is available here.

New or Different

The arrow keys will now step the simulation forwards and backwards. The old [ and ] keys still work.
Holding the shift key while pressing a left or right arrow will step the simulation 10 steps instead of 1 step. There are 30 simulation steps per second, so the simulation runs for 1/3 of a second using the shift-arrow keys.
When a link is selected and it has two connectors, the position/length/angle text box in the toolbar will show the length of the link. The text box cannot be used to edit this length because that only works when connectors are selected.
A Large Font option is now available in the View/Details menu in the toolbar. The larger font is about 45% larger than the font standard font.
I fixed a design issue that would keep you from opening a file that is already open. Now, when the file is selected in the file dialog box, or in the recent file list, you will be asked to save your current changes, and then the file will be opened. This is an easy way to abandon all changes since the file was opened before.