I’m working on a adding a text message under the dimensions entry box int he tool bar. When you click on a connector and the text box shows x and y coordinates, the text under the box will show “x, y coordinates” or something like that. If you select three connectors and the angle is shown, the text info will show “angle degrees” or “degrees” (does anyone really think this is radians?).

Getting the damn MFC ribbon bar code to do what I want is painful. MS just didn’t make this stuff flexible enough. I can’t set an indent and their code filters out spaces making it hard to get the text to line up under the text box – it initially shows up starting on the left under the icon for the text entry box above it. i solved it with some subclassing but using spaces to get an indent is just wrong… but works.

If I ever get some spare time, I want to put in at least one basic cam. The underlying data for the links and connectors is lacking a bit and needs to be improved to allow a link (everything that is not a connector is a link, including gears) to have multple “control” points. An actuator has a control point that is dragged to change the extension length for the actuator and circles have a control point for changing circle size. Cams need a multiple control points to set the many differetn dimensions of hte cam without making the user type in numbers. Typing in numbers sucks.