"Agile" software development often has developers, testers, writers, etc., all working for a short period of time to 100% finish one small part of the product before moving on to another part of the product. This time period might be as short as a week. At the end of that time, the product is reviewed and changes are made based on how things are turning out. It is a very interactive development cycle.

Microsoft Phone app testing can be done by the developer on the one device that they have registered for their testing. All other testing is done using a "Beta" test program through Microsoft. For a manager, an external client, and a few other people to test the app during development, they must get it from the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Here’s the rub. Microsoft takes upwards of a week to make a submitted app available in the marketplace. Anyone who would test the app are not only a week behind but they might be testing a feature that has been redefined, redesigned, or abandoned.

I am considering having my boss and other interested parties install developer tools and register their phones as development devices so that they can test my code in a timely fashion. We might have to shell out $100.00 per year for each person but the week wait to get an app onto the marketplace is totally unacceptable in an Agile programming environment.