I create videos using an MPEG encoder for Windows. It’s very hard to find a video encoder that can be used by software like the Linkage program – too many video programs just embed their encoder or require you to buy that software to use their encoder. Since a user was kind enough to remind me where the encoder I am using comes from, I can share the link:


There are other sources for this encoder, but they all seem to supply only the source code or an executable that can be used to create a video file from another video file or something similar. The link above is for the installable codec that can then be used by the Linkage program to create good-looking video files.

One note: I had to change the encoder settings to use a single pass through the video data to work with the Linkage software. This is because my software passes one frame at a time to the codec and cannot pass them all a second time. I think the two-pass mechanism is only usable for encoding existing files. All other settings in the codec, which you can try to configure yourself, mean nothing to me. It took some experimentation to discover the need to use a single pass.