As I predicted, I am finding less and less to write about on this blog. Here are a few minor comments on FPS games.

I’m going to buy COD-BO today. Yes, people were in line at the store last night to get it at midnight and no, I was not one of them. I’m excited to see it since the graphics card in my computer is the one mentioned in the minimum system requirements. It will be interesting to see how well it works. I’m also interested in the story because the story in MW2 was a bit oddball and complicated. It’s just a game but it can be like living through a movie if you think of it that way instead.

I ordered a new MoBo and graphics card a few days ago to get what will be a cheap and minimal upgrade. I’ll reuse my processor and memory and everything else. The benefit I’ll get is that the new board is a PCIe board instead of the old AGP board I was using. Now I’ll be able to someday upgrade the processors and mother board without having to try to find an AGP motherboard to support the old graphics card. Either that or I’ll be able to upgrade the graphics card without needing to upgrade the motherboard. Graphics cards have been around so long and are so advanced that you can get 1 year old technology for $100.00 and it still kicks ass. too bad I’ll have COD-BO before I have the new graphics card.

I have not been programming at home lately. Instead, I’ve been playing games and working on a sculpture. The sculpture is a 3 foot (d) sphere made of metal rings on the surface. The rings are various sizes and are all welded together. They are sort of like a bunch of O’s on the surface of the sphere like this: oOOoOooOoOoOOo. Of course the sizes vary more than the upper and lower case O’s on my keyboard. I’m wrapping the metal in twine to give it an organic look. It also makes it look like some sort of dream catcher thing. I would have rather had it finished using some metal technique but I didn’t think of anything that would increase the bulk of it while giving it texture too. I could have wrapped it in wire but it’s going to take many hundreds of feet of twine and wire is expensive.