I am sitting in a giant conference room listening to a presentation about RNA something or other. The presenter is giving a presentation using PowerPoint and I see people taking pictures of the giant screen.

My idea is to build in a feature to any wifi device where a wifi system can push data notifications to the device. Since it is using wifi, only signed in users would get the notifications. The user could then agree to download the data which would usually be ppt presentations, images, word docs, or other file formats acceptable to most devices.

It would need to be a secure system where the sender could never force the client device to download the data.

With this feature, this presenter could make her ppt presentation available just a minute or two before whe starts the presentation. Then we could all get it and not have to look at the screen, which seems a bit too far away for old guys to see, and certainly not need to take photos.

Maybe an app could be written for this!