I updated the Linkage beta software:


Here are some of the recent changes and additions:

  • Allow gears to be separated using the Split command
  • Show RPM along with gear radius or diameter when auto-dimensions are on.
  • Added push/pull options to the actuator settings so users don’t need to use negative numbers for “pulling” actuators anymore.
  • Added Clockwise/Counter-clockwise options to the rotating input settings so users don’t need to use negative numbers to get CCW rotation anymore.
  • Fixed a bug that caused links in a triangle configuration in some cases to not work when one of them is an actuator.
  • Fixed a rare problem where a connector would not be drawn as part of a link when there are many connectors and the connector is almost perfectly aligned horizontally or vertically with another connector.
  • Fixed a drawing problem with “solid” actuators.
  • Fixed a bug that made planetary gears stop working. The bug might have only been in earlier beta versions.
  • More improvements to error checking and reporting.
  • Improved the timing of the frames of animation. They had been a little slow causing a 1 RPM gear to rotate 360 degrees in about 65 seconds.

That might not be all of what I changed but that’s what I have in my notes. These are mostly in the most recent Beta version.

Gear RPM with Auto-Dimensions