A new version of Linkage is available to test:


This is version 3.15 or greater. It will get updated as I fix more bugs and tweak more features. Here are some recent changes, some of which might have already been released in previous versions:

  • The control knobs on actuators and circles look different. They are now a small circle that show a dot in the center when selected. Hmmm, maybe it should have been a red dot and not a black dot.
  • The control knob for adjusting the circle radius/diameter snaps to align with other elements.
  • Link errors are shown with an outline around the link instead of the little red line “explosion” markings that were designed for connectors.
  • Only one or two elements will show errors when there is a problem.
  • If the mechanism has different types of errors, such as a link being stretched and some other link being unable to simulate, the more clear and meaningful error is shown and the generic “unable to simulate…” error is hidden.
  • A bug in the sliding connector code was fixed. A link that slides on two sliding connectors would go past it’s valid movement if the connectors were added to the mechanism in a certain “backwards” order.
  • The Run button was not getting changed to a Stop button properly in some circumstances – this was fixed.
  • Some groups of three links in a triangle would not function properly – this was fixed.
  • A problem/bug/crash with internal gears set to 1:1 was fixed.
  • A drawing polygon was added to the gallery of droppable elements. It has always been possible to add points to a drawing line element to make it a polygon but no one knew to try that.
  • Gears that have multiple radii are drawn differently than before.
  • Element selection code has been improved so selecting the outline of an element is always tested before testing to see if the selection is within the boundary of a link or polygon.
  • Alt-click has been added for selecting all connectors at the mouse pointer location instead of just one.