I have finally replaced the old Linkage installer with the new 3.1 version. There is no more Beta testing.

Download Linkage 3.x here.

New features and fixes are…

Motion path export.
Slide path dotted lines now drawn inside of link “hull”.
Fixed simulation problem with links that are hard-connected (not than one connection)
Turned off high DPI display awareness so that Windows scales up the windows for me. Otherwise, the link and connector lines are too small to see and work with.
Fixed manual and interactive simulation modes to work properly.
Changed to include dimension lines in the document area for some printing and exporting features. it’s still not quite right in some cases but the image export is working much better.
Changed the image export to allow larger scaling and margin values.
Fixed arrow key handling in the toolbar coordinate/value entry box – they were conflicting with arrow keys used during manual simulation.
Fixed some bugs in the fastening code so that deleting elements or fastening them to different elements than they were before, all works without crashing the app.
Added a locking feature to lock the size and shape of links. They cannot be scaled and moving any one connector moves the rest. The same happens with rotating where the locked link rotates if any one or more of its connectors are selected and rotated. For this feature, dragging a single connector of a two connector link will result in the drag connector rotating around the other, instead of the whole link dragging.
Added a grid view so you can see the automatically generated grid.
Changed how dimension lines are calculated in order to get a more typical display of dimensions for links with three or more connectors.
Added some new samples. Changed others.

New Sample with Grid

I think that covers most of it. I’ll review some old posts about the beta testing and see if I missed anything in the list. Some of this info needs to go onto the http:/www.linkagesimulator.com page too.