I looked around and there are a few different ways to get line numbers to show up in code that is posted on a blog or other web page. The most important thing about posting code on a web page is that it can be cut and pasted without the line numbers and without charters being translated. Or is that really true? If the code is important enough to copy then maybe it’s important enough to spend the time necessary to edit it and make it pretty. Yes, a simple solution would be great but it’s a snippet of code, not a giant code module. Using a macro recorder to cut out the line numbers should be no big deal. Converting > to an actual greater-than sign is a simple search and replace.

Still, I would love to figure out a better way to add line numbers and control formatting of my code. Someone may actually use it someday. Maybe a picture of line numbers would really be the best choice? A background image with the line numbers should be just what the doctor ordered. I’ll give it a try later.