I decided that I’m going to make an alternate link-to-link simulation function that accepts a link triangle as one of the links. It won’t work for both to start with because, well, no one makes mechanisms like that.

The fact is, there’s only really one type of link triangle situation that people might use. They are probably not going to stick an actuator on a link in a way that the end of the actuator slides on that same link as the other end is mounted. They are probably also not going to connect two link triangles with actuators together at the end of two actuators.

Here’s what I want to make work:


And here are some things that still won’t work after this change:


imageimageAlthough I do want to come up with a more flexible simulation algorithm that handles all of these, right now I will add some code to handle the one special case of a single link triangle connected to something that is not a link triangle. We’ll see how it goes.