The North Tahoe Table Top Board Game Meetup had another game day yesterday. We meet twice a week so it wasn’t an unusual event!

We played Lords of Waterdeep with all expansions with six people. I don’t know why we torture ourselves by playing games with more than four, but we do. The game went ok except that we have a few players who insist on getting into the game emotionally. The continual of “f— me” type comments got to be a bit annoying after a while. I’m not sure how to go about getting them to tone it down since it cold drive away players if I tell them that their cussing is not really welcome. Anyhow, the game went ok. It’s not a game that I can win but I usually do ok. That doesn’t matter much since I play for the journey, not the destination.

Terra Mystica

After LoWD, we played Terra Mystica with five. Still too many people and too much stress for some of them. I did ok again at maybe third place. Terra Mystica is an interesting area control game with some worker placement going on. It’s one of those games, like most, where you feel like if you had just one more turn you would do that thing you want to do to win the game. Of course, everyone is in the same spot like that so it wouldn’t really matter. Still, being a single coin away from getting an extra four or five points is frustrating.

More people left and three of us played Terraforming Mars. I had not played this for many months after getting a bit burned out on it. We played it every game night for a while and I just wanted to try new things. I’m sure that TfM understood that it wasn’t an exclusive relationship. But still, I felt a little bad for her. I did terrible in this session due to getting some really crappy cards for the entire game. For instance, I had some steel production but never drew ANY building tagged cards. So I never got to spend that steel. I never got to use the mechanized Workforce card either, which is a “dope” card to have. I only got second place since the third guy had never played the game before!

I think that I really need to push to split up large groups so we play two and three player games instead of five player games. I just like the social aspect of the larger games. That, and I never feel like I’m being left out if there is just one game getting played.

New WordPress Editor

On a side note, the developers of the new editor for WordPress are idiots. adaptive websites don’t have a content width and having a fixed width for the editor is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard of. When I design a UI for a piece of software, like an Android or iOS app, I can set what device I want to mimic so I can see how the page will look on that device. WordPress should be no different and should assume you are using a PC when editing a page until you tell it differently. The page should stretch to the width of its container JUST LIKE IT WILL FOR THE REAL SITE ON A REAL DEVICE. The world is getting away from fixed-size content and the new WordPress editor is moving towards a fixed width content paradigm. Sheesh, how dumb is that?