My blog site has been compromised. I have no idea how someone can access the site and replace WordPress blog files with their own malicious crap. But they do it. it’s not even clear what they get from it because my host disabled malicious files as soon as they are detected.

The world is an ugly place and there are very ugly people in it. The number of criminals who shit on my site, send me texts pretending to be Netflix, send me Nigerian scam emails, and call my home phone and hang up, is a huge number. It’s getting to be a bit depressing.

Anyhow, I don’t even know if this site is working anymore. one thing I might do to help ensure that there are no vulnerabilities is to remove all of the users. Everyone seems to be legitimate but it’s hard to tell. Now days, the scammers will read a few bits of site content and then sign up saying “I am interested in Linkage. Please tell more. You clever yes.” and I’m not exaggerating at how bad the English is at times. Since real people also don’t speak English, I can’t use that as a way to know who is a shitty scammer and who is a hoopy frood :(

So don’t be surprised if all of the user accounts on this site disappear. It’s me trying to get rid of the one asshole that makes it bad for everyone else.