I am at that stumbling point between projects where I have many ideas and none of them is compelling.

The current welded milk jug project is going slowly because I have lost a little bit of interest in it. A few weeks ago, I was trying to cut some metal bits for inside of the jug to represent the surface of the liquid inside. These need to fit fairly snug and be level when the whole thing is finished and that’s just a little troublesome. I think that I might change the plan and add the metal bit a little lower than needed and then fill the jug up with glue of some sort to get the level “liquid” surface that is needed.

I have some plans for a rolling ball sculpture lift mechanism. Below are two videos showing them.

Overhead Pusher Straight Line Mechanism

Underneath Not-Quite-Straight Line Mechanism

I would like to work on a rolling ball sculpture using a motor and lift mechanism but I don’t have a good motor. The last set of surplus motors I got ended up being intermittent use motors that overheat after ten minutes. They turn off automatically but they get too hot to touch and would be no good on a pierce of art.

I am also trying to build a hanging chair for my kid. For some reason, the welds I made on it are crap and I need to make sure that I have the metal properly cleaned the next time I work on it. I also need to figure out the best MIG/GMAW settings for the thin tube that I’m using.

On top of all of that, I am finding the latest FarCry game FC3, to be rather interesting. It’s not the head trip that I thought that it might be but it’s also not like COD. I just wish they had more range to their mouse speed control like other games so that I can keep my high sensitivity rate.