I know of a site where I can get a chart that shows the temperature of Lake Tahoe taken from a few different research buoys in the lake. It’s a great resource but it’s a bit painful to use. I have created a form in this blog post that generates the proper URL and form data and opens a new tab or window with the chart showing the average temperatures from all buoys from yesterday’s information.

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Click on the picture of an old chart below. 


[added 5/9/2011]

I created a redirection page on my personal website so that a link can be created without any forms or JavaScript. The redirection page handles the form and script stuff for generating the chart for yesterday’s temperatures. The redirection page, and therefore the chart, can be found at http://www.rectorsquid.com/redirect_to_temps.html. Clicking on that link will display the redirection page that immediately submits the necessary form to the chart generation web site.

Consider the redirection page to be public domain. Anyone can take the page and modify it and use it for their own needs.