The title is not a generality. I mean it in the context of having some JavaScript code to do POST operations and get the results. I also have some PHP code that gets the POST request and creates a response. It too me only a few minutes to add a new page to the auto email web interface and to write the handler for it.
The new web interface home page now looks like the image below and the new broadcast page allows me to send a broadcast message to all registered users without having to use an email program.


The auto email program, if you don’t recall, is a program that constantly checks for incoming emails and generates automated responses for them. The main purpose of the web interface shown above is to view the log files for that program in a cool text chat sort of way. Messages can be filtered by team or registered user although the program currently accepts emails and responds to non registered users too. The auto email program itself has the ability to respond to messages as well as forward and broadcast message if the incoming email requests one of those actions. Now I can use the broadcast feature without sending an email to the auto email program. The web interface handles it.

My previous post about the web interface, or webapp is it should be called, is HERE.

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I’m going to attempt to create a category for the web app and a category for the auto email program so that posts can be listed by categories more specific than “programming” and “welding”. Hopefully that will be done before anyone ever reads these posts but I won’t comment again on that subject unless it comes up for some reason in some other post.