DBView is a program that I wrote at work that is not part of the company product. Customers of TimeLogic products create databases of information in a proprietary format and this utility program displays the data in a more readable way.


Typical DBView database display.


DBView runs on Windows systems and uses C++ and the MFC document/view architecture. The code also incorporates a modular system for handling a large number of data formats. Although it is not a plug-and-play system that allows new formats to be used without some custom code, the display of various database and entry fields is controlled using tables and can be very easily updated. C++ classes that handle the reading and interpretation of database information is always kept backwards compatible with older database formats allowing for a single common interface to any of the TimeLogic formats.

This program was also written to handle ASCII data in flat files. This and some of the data translation features are essential tools in diagnosing customer problems or in validating other code that is reading or writing these database formats.

DBView is also multi-threaded and scans any open database for errors while data is being displayed. A user can view records the beginning of a database file while the latter parts of the file are still being read and scanned. This allows very large data sets to be handled while keeping the user interface responsive.


Reading, displaying, and scanning the very large human genome in an ASCII text format.