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December 2011


BE Write

I am trying an iPad app for blogging. This one called BE Write seems to work ok. I’ll know more after I try it for a while. So far, the only problem is tha it won’t wok in landscape mode and it’s hard to type on the smaller…

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Computers & Programming Update

I am in the process of updating my/our website. I have not been adding things to it for the last year because I have been trying to blog more and use Facebook and the blog to post images. This blog post should now show up on until…

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Planetary Defense

Planetary Defense Update

I did a quick update of Planetary Defense. After testing it on an iPad2, I decided to leave it alone except for a few changes to the different levels of the game. After 60 bombs have been sent at the planetoid, enemy missiles show up. If the player…

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