Sample Linkage Mechanisms

Download samples and experiments for the Linkage mechanism designer and simulator.

Grasshopper Beam Engine


Download the file: grasshoppervar.linkage2

Owl Pussycat Mechanism


Reverse engineered mechanism based on Keith Newstead’s Owl and Pussycat Automaton seen here. Keith, if you don’t want this published, let me know and I’ll remove it.

Download the file: owlpussycat.linkage2

Speed Changing Oscillator


This oscillating mechanism changes speed during an oscillation. A rotary input will normally change the speed of the oscillator but the added Whitworth quick return mechanism makes it change in two ways.

Download the file: speedchangeoscillator.linkage2

Level Moving Table


This is a chain connected table leveling mechanism. The table moves left and right while remaining level with it’s original position.

Download the file: leveltable.linkage2

Link Aperture


This is a simple aperture mechanism using links.

Download the file: aperature.linkage2

Sliding Aperture


This is a complex aperture mechanism using curved path sliding connections.

Download the file: aperture3.linkage2

Slide to Slider


This is a pair of sliding links whose position is controlled by another sliding connector. This is only recently supported in the Linkage program.

Download the file: slideslide.linkage2

Front End Loader


This is a model of a front end loader bucket mechanism. I never actually tried to use “Always Manual” inputs during a video export, but it worked fine even with the animation running slower than real-time.

Download the file: bucket.linkage2

Alternate Front End Loader


This is another model of a front end loader bucket mechanism. I like the geometry of this one a bit more than the other one.

Download the file: bucket2.linkage2

Gear and Chain Test


This is a test mechanism I created when I first added the gear and chain features. I just updated the video to show moving chains, something available in the latest (3.2.10) version of the software.

Download the file: rockinggears.linkage2

Box Transport Mechanism


A user wanted to build a box transport mechanism but the design used a problematic linkage; the simulator can’t simulate some type of mechanism. This is a redesign of that mechanism.

Download the file: boxtransport.linkage2

Whitworth Quick Return Mechanism


Two Whitworth quick return mechanisms, or something like that.

Download the file: whitworth.linkage2

Cardan Straight Line Mechanism


A Cardan straight line mechanism. This uses some gears to draw straight lines.

Download the file: cardan.linkage2

Herreid Mechanism


90 degree linear motion change mechanism by Bill Herreid. See a video of his prototype on Facebook:

Download the file: herreid.linkage2

Included Samples

These are the samples that are included within the Linkage program as of July 12, 2016.

Four Bar Linkage Mechanism


A simple four bar linkage with a motorized anchor.

Download the file: fourbar.linkage2

Smile Mechanism


Draw a smile.

Download the file: smile.linkage2

Theo Jansen Leg Mechanism


Leg mechanism by Theo Jansen from his Strandbeest kinetic-sculpture mechanism.

Download the file: jansen.linkage2

Klann Leg Mechanism


Leg mechanism by Joe Klann.

Download the file: klann.linkage2

Joules Leg Mechanism


Joules bike pedalling leg mechanism by Carl Morgan.

Download the file: joules.linkage2

Hoeken Straight Line Mechanism


Hoeken Straight Line Mechanism by Karl Hoecken. The mechanism shows up online with the alternate spelling of his name for some reason. The Wikipedia page for this mecahnism seems to show a variation that is not as accurate as the mechanism show here and elsewhere online.

Download the file: hoeken.linkage2

Parallel Movement Mechanism


This mechanism shows how a factory part movement machine might work.

Download the file: parallel.linkage2

Folding Car Top Mechanism


A convertible car top folding mechanism.

Download the file: foldingtop.linkage2

Simple Sliding Mechanism


Simple sliding mechanism that uses a sliding connector to move a link.

Download the file: sliding.linkage2

Simple Sliding Mechanism 2


Simple sliding mechanism that uses a link to move a sliding connection.

Download the file: sliding2.linkage2

Elliptical Exercise Machine


Elliptical exercise machine with left and right leg views as well as an overlapping both leg view.

Download the file: elliptical.linkage2

Multiple Slider Machine


Multiple sliding connectors.

Download the file: sliding3.linkage2

Linear Actuator Machine


Example of an actuator moving a sliding connector that then moves a link.

Download the file: actuator2.linkage2



Download the file: backhoe.linkage2

Weird Complicated Mechanism


This is a sample of various links, connectors, and inputs, that combine to make an unusual drawing pattern.

Download the file: complicated.linkage2

Peaucellier Straight Line Mechanism


Mechanism to convert rotary motion to straight line motion.Also known as the Peaucellier–Lipkin mechanism or

Download the file: peaucellier.linkage2

Scissor Lift


Simple scissor lift.

Download the file: scissor.linkage2

Varying Speed Mechanism


Whitworth quick return mechanism used to create a rotating mechanism with varying rotational speed.

Download the file: varyspeed.linkage2

Watt Straight Line Mechanism


Watt straight line mechanism in a vertical steam engine machine.

Download the file: watt.linkage2

Linear Actuator Thow Distance Test


A mechanism for testing the throw distance of linear actuators. Used back and the linear actuator feature was first added.

Download the file: throwtest.linkage2

Piston Mechanism


The piston mechanism has the mechanism parts all drawn in a light color to make the drawing layer more visible.

Download the file: piston.linkage2

Curved Sliding Path Mechanism


Sliding connector on a curved path.

Download the file: curvedsliding.linkage2

Curved Sliding Path
Mechanism 2


Sliding connector on a curved path.

Download the file: curvedsliding2.linkage2

Chebyshev Straight Line Mechanism


Chebyshev stright line mechanism by Pafnut Chebyshev.

Download the file: chebyshev.linkage2

Curved Path Mechanism


Sliding connections to move a link along a curved path.

Download the file: curvedpath.linkage2

Ball Lifting Mechanism


This is a ball lifting mechanism for a rolling ball kinetic sculpture, also known as a marble run. This design was used to build a physical version of the mechanism, as seen in one of the videos below.

Download the file: balllifter.linkage2

Gear Mechanism


Four gears in series. It is actually six gears on four shafts. When a gear unit is meshed with two other gears, that can create a single solid gear unit with two gears working as a unit.

Download the file: fourgears.linkage2

Orbit Mechanism


Chain and gear combination to produce a sun-planet-moon type of orbit machine.

Download the file: orbit.linkage2

Amplified Oscillation Mechanism


Linear and rotating inputs can directly create oscillating mechanisms that rotate up to almost 180 degrees. Using gears to up-convert the oscillation, the oscillating parts can move past the 180 degree limit.

Download the file: amplified.linkage2

Stephenson Locomotive Valve Mechanism


This is a variation of the Stephenson valve mechanism. The forward-neutral-reverse control is acomplished with a manual input linear actuator in the simulation. The video shows it being moved around to various positions.

Download the file: stephenson.linkage2

Scheublin Table Legs


Wouter Scheublin table legs mechanism using multiple copies of the Chebyshev straight line mechanism.

Download the file: wouter.linkage2