I don’t like the checkpoint markers in Trials Fusion. They are big and ugly.


In fact, checkpoint markers are rather useless; if you crash, you can restart from the last checkpoint. You’ll know where it is when you go there. Knowing ahead of time doesn’t help me get through a tricky track, and can even be a distraction if I’m focused on getting to that marker.

I play on the Xbox One, but I threw together this quick tutorial on my PC. I may try to record a video and post it to YouTube at some point, but that would require some narration; something that I just don’t know if I can do.

I don’t know if this works in older versions of Trials, but it probably will at least work in Trials Evolution.

Here’s that tutorial:

Trials Fusion2014-7-21-15-45-7

Create a custom track.

Trials Fusion2014-7-21-15-53-49

Drop in a light. The Landing Light works well for this. Place it where you want your checkpoint.

Trials Fusion2014-7-21-15-54-28

Change the color to black, or whatever starting color you want. I make mine black because using red is just a distraction. The purpose of these markers is to show the player where they will restart when they go back to the previous checkpoint. The more minimal the look and feel, the better these are (to me).

Set the Emission value to what looks right when the light is triggered. There is no way to change this value when the color changes! I like mine to not glow much at all. The Roughness value also seems to change the look of the light bulb part of the object.

Trials Fusion2014-7-21-15-55-28

Drop in a Color Event from the Triggers & Events – Events objects. Place it near the light.

Trials Fusion2014-7-21-15-55-45

Select a target for the event. This should be the Landing Light.

Trials Fusion2014-7-21-16-31-16

Change the color for the Color Event. Pick the color that you want to show up when the player passes the checkpoint.

Before you go on, make a group out of the Landing Light and the Color Event. Then you can just copy the group to use for each checkpoint after this.

Trials Fusion2014-7-21-15-56-58

Drop in a checkpoint object.

Trials Fusion2014-7-21-15-57-7

Pick an Event/Filter to trigger when the user passes the checkpoint. This will be the Color Event.

Trials Fusion2014-7-21-15-57-10

You can see the connection (red arrows) from the checkpoint to the Color Event, and the connection (blue arrows) from the Color Event to the Landing Light.

Trials Fusion2014-7-21-15-58-11

The final step is to move the checkpoint out of the field of view. In the past, I would (stupidly) place the checkpoint inside of an object nearby. Then I discovered the obvious trick of just moving it behind the camera (duh).

Trials Fusion2014-7-21-16-1-44

When the rider nears the checkpoint, the light is displayed in the initial color.Trials Fusion2014-7-21-16-1-46
When the rider passes the checkpoint, it triggers the light. That’s it.

The light will also get triggered when the rider starts over at the checkpoint, or the light is just already on from passing it before. It doesn’t matter which.

The starting and ending points of the track can be changed in exactly the same way. Really, any object or group of objects can be used for a checkpoint.