You can tell a lot about the writers of a TV show from what they write. For instance, if every character sees an event from the same point of view, even though they are a diverse set of people who would, in real life, have different viewpoints, the writers may be a bit narrow-minded. Spoiler ahead.

I was watching Jupiter’s Legacy and a character killed a bad guy. This wasn’t excessive force, this was a completely justified use of lethal force against an aggressor who was about to kill a minimum of three people and a maximum of tens of thousands, depending on if you believe what some characters said about the potential bomb blast damage. Not a single person in the show, including police officers, called this self-defense or a justified use of force. Every single character who talked about it talked as if it were an execution. If a real-life cop was at a scene where a bad guy had already killed two officers, they would be fully justified in shooting and killing that bad guy who was not about to surrender.

The show seems pretty crappy overall. The ideas seem great but the writing is lacking. It seems as if the writers are on the side of the abusive character who says things like “We need to change how we are dealing with this issue,” and then every single sentence after that is missing the “we” and just blames the other person. it’s not that other characters support the abusive behavior (emotional abuse, not physical), it’s just that there doesn’t seem to be anything happening in the story to point towards this character learning to not be an asshole anytime soon.
I wonder how much of the writer’s own ideas show up in their fictional characters. Why would not a single person on a show say “Hey, wasn’t that self-defense or justified use of force? It certainly wasn’t an execution when the good guys were about to all die!”

I watched “The Boys” and as far as extreme superhero stories go, that one seemed perfect. The characters each had different personalities and they each brought differing ideas to the table when they were dealing with issues. Jupiter’s Legacy doesn’t feel like a show where the writers are trying to present more than one point of view. I’ll keep watching because it might get better but so far, it’s just a story about an abusive dad who has one kid that tries too hard to get approval and another that cant find a way out of the bad relationship. It doesn’t seem to be about much else and it’s depressing to watch.