I am thankful for the internet. I allows me to scan information at an alarming rate and find some gems that outshine most of the flotsam.


The knucklehead site is one of those gems that I stumbled upon while bored at work one day. I can’t say that it has the funniest writing or the most humorous topics but I can say that a few of that guys posts are hilarious. Having a similar philosophy to the blogger helps a bit.

I have no humor.

Well, I have no humor that shows up in my writing. I sometimes say funny things but that’s about it. The ability to free associate and see odd connections from some event in progress and some almost unrelated event of the past helps. But none of that free association comes up in my writing.

So I write technical stuff.

I have no technical insight.

Yes, I am good at writing computer programs. I have a very keen sense of logic and when driven to work hard, I can produce a lot of output. I can’t type anymore due to old age or a lack of enthusiasm but I can still write computer programs. The insight of which I speak is that insight into the repercussions of a computer programming choice. I can write logic code but I can’t seem to see the future. I often ask a co-worker which of two or three programming choices I should make because they all seem equal. He, with the insight into the future, can tell me almost instantly which is a bad idea because of how it might affect the future.

Puzzles are next for me.

So I’m moving on to a new hobby. I have no idea if it will last more than a few weeks but I;m trying to expand my intellect by creating puzzles for a puzzle race.

I should write blog entries about making the puzzles but then the race participants might find clues in my blog that others won’t know about. Of course no one reads this blog so no problem there (winking smiley face).

I’ll describe it a bit and see if I’m giving away too much information.


I tire of typing the less-than, b, greater-than combination for bold text. I need to try out the WYSIWYG editor but web-based editors usually suck. I’m using a different browser window at this very moment to find a better blog editor.

I was going to write about the puzzle race that I’m designing to take place in the town of Truckee, CA but I somehow got off on a tangent and I’m downloading Windows Live Editor. The funny thing is that when I read this back and edit it, I will not be downloading the Windows Live Editor and I won’t know exactly how to edit the text. That’s a big problem with stream-of-consciousness writing. It’s live and then it becomes a recording of a live event. It’s like watching Saturday Night Live on the web coast. “Live” is not too accurate at that point.

Back to Truckee

The puzzle race will hopefully take place in downtown (old) Truckee. There are a few really cool things about Truckeee that make it a good place for this type of event. First, it is located within a 30 minute drive from my house. Second, It has touristy stuff. Third, and finally, it has that touristy stuff all packed into a small area.

The first step of the race design process was going to Truckee with Bailey and taking pictures of stuff that might be useful to the design process. We took pictures and came up with a few basic puzzle concepts that we think will work. One puzzle involves signs along the “strip” and another involves memorial plaques behind a small museum. I may blog about the design of one puzzle but I have to make sure that no one in the race gets extra information before the event.

Okay, Windows Live Editor is installed. So is Windows Movie Maker which is something I might actually use at work to create an animated GIF to help the sales guy with creating his marketing materials. I’ll post another entry with WLE if it works.