Trials Fusion Custom Track

September 12th, 2017

I spent a few minutes making a track for Trials Fusion on the Xbox One. It’s a fun game that I never thought I would like… and I have loved playing it for years.

The video is not me playing the game. This is a far better player than I.

I like to add lots of small detail to the tracks I make. Because of that, they have to be hard so the player doesn’t ride past too fast. It’s difficult to make a track that is slow. And in this case, it’s even harder to make a track that is level. Most slow tracks are hill climbs and making a hill climb over water like this would be impossible to do with realistic looking structures.x


The very first jump is actually really hard for me. It takes me about five tries to get it right.


The difficult parts are the steep hills and then a few bunny hops at the very end.


The scenery is what was the most fun to make. I tried to give the track some variety while still seeming consistent in the theme of it.


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