These are not asked frequently but “FAQ” seems like a good page title!

Q. How is the Windows XP version different from the normal version?

A. The XP version does not use 3D graphics acceleration to improve the quality of the graphics on screen. There are no other differences. The XP version is not old software and does not need to run in compatibility mode.

Q. Are there ways to measure forces, accelerations, and other physics stuff in the software?

A. No. this is a rapid prototyping tool for hobbyists. This software is designed to require less mouse clicks and less typing than most other mechanism CAD programs. It’s also very simple and doesn’t do a lot.

Q. Springs?

A. No. There is no simulation of floppy mechanisms that rely on physics of any sort to run. There is no gravity. There are no springs. There is no way to have a sliding connection slip until a limit is reached before something is moved in the mechanism.

Q. I need help. I have a problem. It’s broke. What do I do?

A. Send me an email. My email address can be found in the software in the “About” box (click the little (i) icon in the upper right corner of the window).

Q. Can I get the source code?

A. Yes. this is actually open source software. No one else has contributed to the project and so far, no one else distributes it. But you can still get the latest source code from GitHub.

I will add a link to this page on the main Linkage page. I hope to add more content as more people ask more questions.