Direct2D Linkage Beta

May 23rd, 2016

I am mostly done with the smooth drawing version of the Linkage program. I am using it on a high-DPI screen so more testing is needed to make sure everything works right for everyone else.

But since it is close, I have a Beta version available for anyone who wants to try it.

Get the latest Beta version here:

If anyone sees something wrong, send me a screenshot.



P.S. “Direct2D” is a drawing API for Windows that uses the 3D accelerator to draw quickly and smoothly. It’s a lot different from the older GDI API that I’ve been using.

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  1. hugbear says:


    I have a problem, but I’m not shure if it’s a bug or some mistake I made. Basically, I’m trying to simulate a foot on a pedal to find the trace of the heel. The angle between the foot and the shin isn’t a constant 90 degrees so I’ve tried to vary it by using an actuator with the same “RPM” as tjhe pedal. Unfortunately, instead of the angle varying, I’ve got the “foot link” changing dimensions (elongating). Locking the link doesn’t help. Any ideas?
    Thanks a lot!

    The video:
    The file:!md1XjbhY!7CZotrYZfnaQf9AlseNs7_aWOmYlgGVhDezpWT3o5_k

    • dave says:

      You found a bug in the software. the simulator can’t manage to do the right thing with the actuator until the location of one end has been calculated. Since that is impossible in this mechanism, the actuator get’s moved after the rest of the parts are moved. I’m having trouble figuring out how to fix it because the actuator, the foot, and then shin, all act as a triangle that works like a single link once the actuator is … actuated.

      I can’t figure out how to create an alternative to this mechanism. I’ll give it some more thought and see if gear, chains, or just a few extra links, can make the heel move in an oval when the toe moves in a circle. I’ve made oval movements before but the less links used for it, the better. You really don’t want all of the parts of an elliptical machine in there just to get that oval (I’m guessing).

      I’ll work on the problem in the code some more, but I can’t promise that I’ll have a fix anytime soon.


      • hugbear says:

        Thank you for the quick reply! Don’t worry too much about this particular mechanism, it’s just for confirming some intuitive guesstimations; bugs and development are, I think, much more important.

        Speaking of development, I hope I’m nor overstepping any line if I make a few suggestions (opening the the can of worms generally known as “feature requests ” :) ). I think allowing for both [b]oscillating[/b] circular motion (between set angles) and [b]setting of initial position[/b] at time zero (initial angle for rotator or initial position for actuator) would do away with much of the “helper” mechanisms needed to obtain alternate motion.

        Anyway, this is a great piece of software that you’re graciously providing us for free and I’m really glad I found it.

  2. stevet says:

    just an executable without having to install anything.

  3. stevet says:

    any chance on a portable version to try out?


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