I have an idea for writing a programming book. The book would cover basic programming concepts and instead of focusing on a single language, the book would include information on at least seven different programming languages. They might be:


I’m not sure about C since C++ is a superset of C. Then again, the string handling of C is significantly different from the other languages. I am purposely excluding Objective-C and there are no other languages that I am familiar with enough to write about in a book.

I’m also unsure about including more languages. Python is popular right now and Objective-C, something I want to avoid, might be important for historical reasons. Perhaps I can include quite a few more languages and just learn those other languages as I go. I’ll give it more thought.

I’m going to try writing some blog posts with information that I would include in such a book. It’s a work-in-progress and since I have no idea how to write a book, it is likely to suck. All of the book posts will be in the “Programming in Breadth” post category.