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December 2012


Navara Roof Rack

NOTE: IF YOU READ THIS AND THEN SCREW UP YOUR TRUCK, IT IS NOT MY FAULT! Navara is the European name for the Nissan Frontier. The D40 is the crew cab. The Navara D40 can be bought with a roof rack but only if the leather package is…

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Sculpture and Art

(Untitled) – Steel 12x12x24

The latest sculpture from my Welding for Art class at TMCC. This was an interesting project. The requirement in class was to make a sculpture that would be interesting to a blind person. I had a drawing of this sculpture that was a few years old but that…

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Linkage Program

Better HD Quality of Linkage Videos

I made another improvements to the Linkage video code. It now gives 1080p HD video in the High Quality mode. It also generates the HD video using the full video area regardless of the size of the window on screen. Better Quality Video If the video doesn’t look…

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