15 Miles and Counting…

August 14th, 2017

I made it 15 miles in the kayak on Saturday (Aug 19 2017). It was really neat to go around Deadman Point and see Cave Rock and South Lake Tahoe.


The Route I took went around and into Glenbrook Bay and included a small detour at the end to give me a little extra distance. You can see this trip and others on my kayaking/biking trip log page.


Once around the point, I could see Cave Rock. It is the tiny outcropping to the right of center at lake level in the above picture. It looked huge and distinct in real life but looks tiny in the photo. I contemplated paddling to it but instead paddled into the bay that lies just around that point on the left.

Here is a close-up of Cave Rock taken from the above photo:


I may go for a full 20 miles next week or the week after. The last five miles will be tough but so far, I have been able to keep up a consistent 4 MPH pace for any distance I paddle – the boat just seems to like that speed.

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